Universal Presence

Magicut Tools Ltd is an equal opportunity company with a commitment to hire, train and retain the most talented workforce. Our people are the core of our operational expertise and hence we strive to give diverse opportunities to grow personally and professionally. MAGICUT combines work with fun and promotes a lifestyle which is based on work-life balance. We take pride in creating a vibrant and dynamic workplace that is fuelled by ingenuity and innovation. Great ideas can come from everywhere in the organisation, and we know the next big idea could be yours. From developing products to collaborating with exceptional employees and serving various industries, MAGICUT is redefining the true meaning of success.

Our company boasts of a youthful and vibrant work culture, complemented by a work environment that promotes teamwork and obtains the best from each employee. A strong sense of belonging binds our people into one large family. We live and work in an environment that respects merit and recognises achievements. We have a culture that values individual growth and offer well planned career paths with increased responsibilities and enhanced rewards. Consistent information sharing across various levels of the organisation is promoted through open door policy. A strong emphasis is laid on work-life balance.

We believe in training, as the skill sets required are always changing to the dynamic needs of the consumer and the market. Therefore, it is very essential to break new grounds, learn new things and acquire new skill sets to stay relevant in a market that is constantly in a flux. MAGICUT is committed to learning for life. The main HR thrust is to give all staff members equal and appropriate training opportunities to improve their competencies and prepare them for more challenging jobs. The training initiatives are modelled to meet organisation's succession planning needs, fulfilment of business objectives and to enable individuals to improve their career prospects in a safe working environment.

We provide excellent career opportunities to our employees. Update your resume and mail us at hr@magicuttools.com.