Universal Presence

Bimetal Hole Saws are toothed HSS strips laser welded to a tough alloy body and disc. These precision manufactured Hole Saws that have outstanding strength, resilience and shatter resistance are manufactured in Bimetal M3 & 8% Cobalt grades.

Cobalt Hole Saws have 8% Cobalt in addition to normal alloying elements that can sustain higher temperatures, has more hardness and greater wear resistance. They are therefore recommended for cutting difficult materials like cast steels, duralium, hardwood, inconel, inox, non-ferrous alloys, plaster of paris, stainless steel, etc.

Salient Features & Advantages

Solid Back Disc Ensures a smooth and precise cut
Variable Pitch with Positive Rake Teeth Reduces cutting vibrations
  Provides extra swarf clearance while cutting thicker sections
  Scoops out material from the groove more efficiently
  Useful in cutting tenacious materials like copper and stainless steel
  Easier bite into the object